18 – 27 November 2018

17 – 26 February 2019

Do you want a chance to press the pause button on an overwhelmingly fast and stressful life? How about having abundant time to relax, air out your brain, and allow the rhythms of nature to soothe your soul?

Tanzania is the perfect place to experience the magic of primordial earth-based practices that you can integrate into your daily life back home and heal aspects of yourself, and by connection, your relationships.

South Africa

12 – 21 May 2018

Imagine journeying to the root of the African continent, exploring the stunning beauty of Cape Town and nature reserves teeming with wildlife. Imagine spending time with indigenous healers and learning secrets of ancient wisdom traditions. Your heart and soul begin to dance as you feel the spirit of the people, and the magic of this land.

An African safari has always been a healing experience for many people. The Healing Safari is special in that it marries a traditional African safari with a health and wellness retreat.